Press Releases
Issue Date
Boeung Kak Land Titles Mark a Positive Development for Housing Rights in Cambodia Dec 2011
Setting the Record Straight: The Facts about the Railways Rehabilitation Project Nov 2011
Criminal Charges Against Activists Won’t Solve Boueng Kak Lake Crisis Nov 2011
Joint Statement Response to Govt Accusatation [Khmer] Sep 2011
Joint Statement Response to Govt Accusatation [English] Sep 2011
Eleven Boeung Kak lake villagers and children beaten and detained Apr 2011
World Bank project tied to forced evictions in Cambodia Mar 2011
Statement on NGO Coalition Meeting with ADB and AusAID Concerning Railways Project Dec 2010
NGOs Express Grave Concerns about the Resettlement Process of the Railways Project Nov 2010
HRTF Boueng Kak Press Release Oct 2010
Boeung Kok Residents Denied Freedom of Assembly Aug 2010
World Bank Agrees to Full Investigation into Land Activities in Cambodia Apr 2010
Cambodian communities facing forced eviction launch Inspection Panel complaint against World Bank Oct 2009
Report finds land registration program is entrenching inequality and failing to protect vulnerable groups Sep 2009
UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) – BABSEA & COHRE Media Release May 2009. May 2009
HRTF Boueng Kok Press Release_Aug 26 Aug 2008
Joint statement on situation of evicted families from Mittapheap 4 village in Sihanoukville by Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia (BABSEA) and the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) May 2008
HRTF Press Statement on Boeung Kok Case Feb 2007
Sihanouk Ville Eviction Case Jul 2007
    BABC in the News
Issue Date
Khmer Rouge legacy: Land disputes - CNN Nov 2011
Phnom Penh residents score landmark victory over proposed land grab – The Guardian Sep 2011
Cambodian rail line to displace country's poor - ABC May 2011
Aid donor battles Cambodia over forced evictions - AP May 2011
Revealed: the bitter taste of Cambodia’s sugar boom - The Ecologist Apr 2011
Cambodia’s NGO Blues - The Diplomat Apr 2011
Cambodia's Land Crisis - The Diplomat Mar 2011
Cambodians evicted in 'land grab' Mar 2011
Botched World Bank project leads to thousands of evictions - IPS Mar 2011
The Bitter Taste of Sugar - Southeast Asia Globe Mar 2011
Cambodia's land-grab 'cancer' keeps spreading - AFP Dec 2010
Two child deaths linked to AusAID Cambodia project - The Age Nov 2010
Gone for good to fetch a pale of water - Sydney Morning Herald Nov 2010
In Cambodia, No Land Title, No Rights – Wall Street Journal Oct 2010
SBS Dateline Program, Landless!, aired September 12, 2010 Sep 2010
Evictions at gunpoint - Radio Australia News Aug 2010
World Bank to inspect lake land management - VOA News Apr 2010
Land grabs push the poor out - The Star Feb 2009
Land grabs growing in Cambodia - Forbes Nov 2008
Aljazeera 101 East – Cambodia’s Land Grab (Part 2) Jul 2008