How the Booming Gaming Industry Has Created a Ripple in the Indian Economic Wave


Indian market is expanding every day possible, and one of them is the booming gaming industry in India. The gaming industry is both expanding in the sense of online games. They can be played on a mobile phone as well as in the ps4 and Xbox too. The number of gaming companies expanded from 25 in number to 275 in just last 10 years.

In the 90s, gaming was a luxury that not many could afford, but it has become a booming community as gamers in India have decided to make it a success. The boom has been happening for quite some time, and it mainly owes to the mobile phone.

Games such as PUBG, Ludo King are some of the games that are accessible on the phone. Not only the phone that is the contributing factor in the gaming industry in India but also the revolutionary data pack offered by the telecom companies such as reliance has turned the whole thing into a success.

At the rate, Indian folks are investing in the luxurious need to relax and chill. It will definitely catch up with the market of the west when it comes to the gaming industry and latest news related to it, make sure that you keep hooked to as they keep on with the latest trends and news in the gaming world.


What Contributes To The Online Mobile Gaming Market? 

The number of gamers has increased steadily by contributing their time. The quantity has gone up to 22.2 lakhs of players playing the games on the phones. A study has found that the gaming market in India will only increase to 628million. Many gaming companies like Alibaba, Tencent have contributed and are focusing on the gaming industry.

The action-based game has seen a significant surge in number, which is 427% to be accurate. Casual games have gone through an explosion in the cumulative period consumed by 84% and 66%, respectively. However, gaming software that has to be purchased has only gone up by the rate of 125%.

Not only those Chinese companies that are investing, but companies League of Legends, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft are going to invest in the Indian gaming market too. Nazara and Youzu have decided to lean on in the Indian market also for a bit of investment. Even though gaming consoles are a bit of a stretch when it comes to buying it, India is stepping up ahead of the games too.

What Contributes To The Consoling Gaming Market in India? 

The gaming developers have told that 27% of increase has been noted where Nintendo Switch has seen 45%, PlayStation 4/Pro have seen 38%, and Xbox One/X has grown 28%. The electronic arts had 24% of gaming share spread in India, which is expected to grow by 2022 by 24.4%. A study has informed that at the rate the gamers are investing in India. The value of gaming, which amounted to 62 million.

It will surely increase by worth over 250 billion rupees by 2024, whereby the mobile gaming market in India will be worth about 2.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, which is progress than how it was in 2007. So the gaming community is booming.

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