Impact of Technology on the Businesses

technology and business

The technology is ever-growing, and using it effectively will help a business in various ways than they can imagine. The IT industry is the first one that usually embraces any new technology that is available in the market. For every project, they have a lot of work to do on hands, and the best way to getting things done is by using the latest technology that is available in the market.

Project Management

One such technology is agile management software. There are various types of project management methods available in the market, but the software engineers prefer Agile above them all. It is an iterative approach, and it focuses mainly on incorporating customer feedback in every step of the project so that they can turn the project completely customer-centric and design it according to their wishes. 

Let us consider that a customer has approached a software company asking for call center software. The designing team will sit with the customer and discuss the type of software he or she needs. Then the designing of the software will start, and every update is provided to the customer so that they stay in the loop. In between, if the customer wants to make any changes or provides any feedback, they will be incorporated without affecting the project flow. Agile management software will ensure that the product that you design matches with the customer standards all the time. It is pretty flexible.

Better Communication

Technology has made communication pretty easy lately. It has provided various ways for the companies to stay in touch and discuss the business. Web conferencing is one such feature that will help a company to communicate with the people who are in the distance. From training the freshers to presentations, everything can be done with the help of web conferencing without the need for the actual presence of the people. The voice over internet protocol, in short VoIP, will be used for the same process. 

Almost every company makes use of this feature. One sender can broadcast their conference on many devices, and this is the main reason why people these days prefer this web conferencing. Companies use this medium to discuss a lot of things. From how to build an effective sales strategy to discussing the outbound call center, there are a lot of different things that companies usually discuss and design strategies with the help of web conferencing alone.

No matter how big or small a company is, maintain proper communication and staying in touch with employees is very important. A lot of things can be discussed, problems solved, and strategies can be made when proper communication is in place. There are different types of web conference software available in the market, and the companies can choose the one that matches their requirement.


Any organization needs some time off from their hectic days and pressure, right! This is where the extracurricular come in. There are different types of fun things that companies can do while they are at work. In most organizations, you can find pool tables and various other fun games available on the premise. But they are not enough, and there are some computer games too. The Facebook contest, games on Facebook, online quiz software, and various other amazing fun games are available, and employees can take part in them whenever they want a little bit breaks from work.

The quiz software is not only fun, but it will also help in increasing the knowledge of an employee too. One can check their IQ with this game. When it comes to Facebook contests, there are so many amazing games available on Facebook, which will keep employees hooked. From contesting with their FB friends to solo activities, there are a lot of things that will surely entertain the staff. Some companies design their own contests while others use the ones that are already available on Facebook. Either way, employees can enjoy their fun time with the help of this technology.

Presentations and Pitching

Every company needs business and presentations as well as effective pitching is the one way to get things done in companies. It is important to create a website design proposal template in order to make the pitching effective and attract more number of customers. One thing for sure here is that the companies can’t afford to spend a lot of time creating these templates alone, as pitching is important, right! This is the reason why they have to make use of the template designing software that is available in the market.

There are different types of software available in the market that will help them in designing effective marketing templates, which will surely attract customers. Here are the important points that one must remember while designing a website proposal template-

  • Introduction: The introduction of the proposal is the first thing that will make your mark before the audience. Hence it is important for you to be very careful while making your introduction here. You have to mention the company name, logo, contact information, potential client information, a statement with a problem that your client is facing, an overview of the services your company can offer, an overview of the rest of the proposal, and your signature at the end. These are the prerequisites that you have to include in the introduction. Make sure to customize the entire intro depending upon your customer.
  • Problem Statement: You just mentioned about it in one line in the introduction, here you have to expand it. You have to customize this section according to your client requirements. Every customer will have a different kind of requirements, and you cannot discuss about all of them right, this is the reason why you have to mention about the basic and most common problems like increased online competition, unable to convert the traffic or lower ranking in search engines and give some space to add two or more problems of customer. It is important to keep this part simple and understandable for the customer, as in use the terminology that your clients speak.
  • Proposed Solution/ Your Goal: Now that you have already addressed your client issue, it is time for you to talk about the solutions. You should be able to give them the solution to the problem that they are facing. From creating a new website to adding a responsive theme, there are so many things that you can do in order to address the issue that your employee is facing. You can do everything effectively with the help of this template. You should make your customers believe that they can trust and rely on you without any hassle.
  • Package Breakdown: Every company offers its services in the form of packages to their clients, and it is important for customers to know what you are offering in the form of packages. Make sure to give them an idea about all the services that they can get in your package and how each service will help in addressing their problem. This is a very important thing, and you have to focus on it so that your customers will know what they are in for.
  • Extra Services: This section deals with any extra services that customers can purchase from you along with their package. This includes social media services, set up of the additional pages, ongoing maintenance, copywriting services, etc. This is where you will promote all the other services that your company is dealing with.
  • Testimonials: The testimonials are the one thing that will help your company stands out. You have to mention your client testimonials mandatorily in this section. You can just pick a handful and include them or choose all the positive testimonials of your company and mention them on the page. Either way, it is important for you to let clients know how effectively and quality services you offer to them.
  • Plan: After discussing all the things, you have to show how you are planning to execute the solution that you gave to the customer. You can map all the steps and show them the diagram depicting how you are going to proceed.
  • Terms and Conditions: This is where almost every company goes wrong. Most of the companies put away the legal issues until the actual contract is made, while this is not a big mistake; it is not professional. You have to let your client know what the legal rules that you are going to abide are. All of your terms and conditions must be mentioned so that they can understand what they are getting into.

Creating website design proposal templates is something that you have to focus on. It requires a lot of customization and sharpening. You can get this entire work done with the help of the template software that is available in the market. If a client asks you to show them a proposal for designing proactive live chat for customer service, then all you have to do is giving required inputs to the software, and it will create a standing out proposal for you in very less time. Designing proposal is important but it will take a lot of time too, hence this is the best way to get the thing done without wasting a lot of time.

Digital Marketing

Every company needs a strong online presence and one can get it via digital marketing only. There is so much software available in the market that will help people with their online digital marketing campaigns. Just make sure that you know the difference between SEO and PPC so that you can make the most out of both of them. From search engine ranking to strong social media campaigns, every aspect is important, and companies shouldn’t ignore any of them under any circumstance.

Improve Customer Experience

At the end of the day, the only thing that will matter is customer experience. You have to always care about the end-user experience and the ways you can improve it. Whenever you launch a new app, tool, or software, it is important for you to help the end-user understand it. No one will get a hold of the software or app just in a day or two. Everyone needs a particular way to understand things, and the only way to do it is with the help of onboarding UX.

The onboarding UX is like a guide for the customer and it will help them in understanding all the features present in an app or software. This will surely help in improving the customer experience and give them better comfort. Onboarding UX has become mandatory these days for almost all the apps. They are handy and help customers understand the app effectively. There are different types of onboarding present in the market, and three of them are pretty famous-

  • The Nickel Tour
  • Guidestones, cool tips and coach marks
  • Guided task completion


Technology aids every organization in various ways. Be it small or large, any company that uses its technology to the fullest is the first one to gain amazing benefits from it. Business operations are made easy, and both employees, as well as customers, get amazing benefits from this. Irrespective of the type or size of the business, almost every organization is trying to incorporate the technology in one way or another. This has helped them in scaling and becoming better.

Any business that has the capacity to make the most out of the technology will surely reach a better place when compared to its competitors. It is important to always stay ahead of your competition, and the one way to do it is with the help of technology. One should always update their technical knowledge and use it for the betterment of one’s business. This will surely help them in reaching out to a huge audience ad gives them more opportunities when compared to their competitors. All in all, technology is a great way to amplify your business in every way.

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